We are a Perth-based Australian company offering servicing and repairs for Gantry cranes. We also specialize in industrial radio-remote controls that meet Australian Standards and are reasonably priced.

Having serviced more than 300 customers right across Perth. We provide Electrical and Mechanical Services businesses can rely on because:

  • We are fully licenced, insured and our work is guaranteed
  • We are highly-specialised and have excellent fault-finding skills
  • We have more than 20 years Electrical and Mechanical experience
  • We are customer centered and aim to provide tailored services for our clients


With over 20 years experience in the industry, we understand the ins and outs of gantry cranes. To this we guarantee our controllers and our workmanship.

The future of your company is in your control with RControl!


5 reasons why you should use our Wireless Controllers

1. Quality

Rcontrol provide the highest quality controllers at the most comparable cost, so it makes good financial sense to use only the best. Our tradesmen are highly skilled and experienced professionals.

Our industrial remote controls from RContol provide perfect control over your vital production processes. Whether on your factory floor or at a distance you will be able to control the machinery. Our hardware is built for reliability in industrial applications. More uptime translates into actionable insights and greater control through your software of choice. With our extensive Industrial Remote Control knowledge and expert guidance, you will be able to craft the ideal solution for your Industrial Control System.


2. Efficiency

Our Radio-remote controls are built to have your machine’s capability within the reach of your fingertips, making your work production 100% more efficient.

We have a wide-range of products available for you to choose from. There is no wait time for delivery as we have this on hand. From 2-button to up to 10 and analog remote controls, we have products that we can tailor for your workplace needs. Contact us today and we can talk you through your needs and we can match a product that is suitable for your needs.


3. Cost-Effective

We supply these products directly to you. There is no middle salesperson, hence reducing the costs for your company.

We can quote you a price if you only require the product or we can provide you a package with product and install. We are honest with our costs and there will be NO HIDDEN COSTS.

We are confident that our prices are competitive.


4. Customer Support

Our Team have 20 years of experience in the Crane Industry and are responsive to customer inquiries.

We will direct you to effective decisions and have your best interests in mind.


5. Tried and tested Products

We have researched these products to make sure that you have optimal results in terms of safety of your equipment.

All Australian and European standards are met by our products. 


Industrial Remote Controls

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