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We are based in Perth and provide services for Gantry Cranes and Industrial Remotes. With 20 years of experience behind us, we assure you that we can provide you with reliable and knowledgeable advice regarding these areas.

Our Gantry services include

  • Gantry crane servicing and repairs
  • Fault-finding electrical and mechanical problems with Overhead cranes. We also have extensive experience in plant maintenance and can provide a holistic service to industrial warehouses and plants
  • commissioning Gantry cranes
  • replacing and repairing Gantry Crane Accessories such as hoists, VSD’s, contactors and more
  • fabricating cranes and mechanical equipment and accessories
  • experts in Fault-finding and Electrical and Mechanical Services

We have highly experienced crane technicians to provide you with tailored, customer-focused services that also include Gantry crane radio controls. Get in touch today to see how we can help with your company’s needs.

What is a Gantry Crane?

Otherwise known as an overhead crane, Gantry cranes are objects built on a gantry, and are used to lift an object or a workspace. These equipment are used to lift some of the heaviest loads in the world or are used in small workshops to lift different objects of various loads.

Gantry Cranes or overhead cranes would either have a wire rope hoist or a chain hoist that would carry heavy loads so it could be moved from one area to another, whether it is to be relocated or to be simply lifted up in the air.

Our team can help you service, maintain or install, or even design your rope hoists for your work needs. We have crane technicians, engineers, fabricators, electricians that can help you with whatever your company needs. Besides, we provide specialized crane remote control systems.

Contact us today and we would be happy to assist you with all your Gantry crane needs!

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Types of Gantry Cranes that we have worked on:

Single Girder Gantry Cranes

This is a gantry crane with a single girder or beam structure. This  usually uses a wire rope hoist travelling on the single girder, and the crane travelling on the rail track fixed on the ground/floor as a lifting mechanism. Single-girder gantry crane beams are made by section steel or welded box girder or lattice girder gantry cranes.

These cranes have a wide variety of uses and are normally used in workshops, mines, ports, factories, etc.

Double Girder Gantry Cranes

A double girder gantry crane has two girder beams that make up the bridge. It can have a top running or under running trolley and is designed for extremely heavy duty applications. Double girder gantry cranes have a strong bearing capacity, large span, and excellent stability. The lifting capacity of a double girder gantry crane can reach hundreds of tons, and this type can be semi or two legs designed with A frame legs.

These cranes would normally be seen in rail yards and are used for a variety of tasks like: loading and unloading cargoes, moving containers between rail cars and trucks, or transporting heavy equipment and materials. These are typically manoeuvred by auto crane wireless remotes, and to learn more, you should get in touch with us now.

Jib Cranes

These are overhead cranes that are used for smaller areas for unique and repetitive tasks. These Cranes are exceptionally adaptable and can be paired with overhead bridge cranes to maximise productivity. These cranes can lift up to an impressive 30,000 pounds.

Jib cranes are very popular as they increase productivity, improve safety and reduce workplace injuries. They are normally easy to operate and have low cost maintenance, thanks to its very simple design.

These are normally found in storage, workstations, yards, and other localised locations.

Semi-Portal Cranes

Semi- Portal Crane is a type of Gantry crane where one side of the Gantry is supported by an A-frame type leg. These cranes are normally used where there is no option of installing a rail overhead, hence it is supported from the ground.

You will normally find these cranes inside or outside of buildings in workshops. Fabrication shops, Production shops, Manufacturing plants would normally use these cranes.

Portal Cranes

Unlike the semi-portal cranes these cranes would be supported by 2-legs. Portal cranes can carry very heavy loads.

You will normally see these cranes outdoors. Companies like the Australian Marine Complex, Shipyards, Railyards, Steel Fabrication Companies, Concrete manufacturing companies would normally use these for the heavy duty needs. These are operated with the help of advanced wireless crane controller systems.

 We are reliable


There is not a job big or small that we do not give a 100%. Our crane technicians will always turn up on site on time, with the right tools in hand. Our work ethic is comparable to none and we aim to keep our customers satisfied


We are locally owned

We are based in Perth and we are a close-knit team. We can assure you that you will not be dealing with a heap of different tradies each time. By doing so, our crane technicians get to know our customers and their Overhead crane equipment. We can then tailor our service to your company and foresee your needs. It also makes it easier for us to fault-find the Crane equipment that we deal with

We are experienced

We have years of experience fixing and servicing overhead cranes and providing crane remote control systems. We know our cranes at Rcontrol. We have serviced over 300 jobs in Western Australia. We have done our research of the Australian Standards when it comes to Overhead Cranes. Our technicians have the right contacts for engineers, electricians and fabricators. We also have dealt with different softwares and hardwares when it comes to cranes.

We are cost-efficient

Our pricing is competitive. We only do work that needs to be done and we are honest when it comes to telling our clients of their needs. We do not suggest work that does not need doing just to increase profit. We assess our customers’ needs and we stick to what we think is necessary to keep your equipment working, safe, and productive.

We aim to increase your productivity


We are passionate about helping our customers reach maximum productivity at all times. We do our work in a timely manner. Having a lot of experience, we are able to do the job quicker but with good quality. We have done a lot of trouble-shooting with this equipment and we know the different parts of the crane. We know how to maximise the potential and longevity of overhead cranes.

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